Preschool News

WELCOME BACK! It's hard to believe but it's that time of the year again - the beginning of a new school year. There's a lot of excitement ahead of us, including new teachers to meet, new books to read, new friends to meet and new skills to master...and we look forward to those exciting times. Supporting each child is a partnership between parents and teachers. We are committed to being your partner in this process. Together we can achieve wonderful things!

OUR PRESCHOOL “LUNCH BUNCH” PROGRAM will begin the week of Sept. 17th. Lunch Bunch meets from 12:30-3:30pm, Monday-Thursday. Lunch Bunch registration forms are available in the preschool office. The “pre-registered” cost per day is just $16.00, and the “drop-in” rate (on a space available basis) is $20.00. All children enrolled in the Lunch Bunch program must be toilet-trained. Please note: We may not have an EpiPen trained staff member on duty during each Lunch Bunch day-- parents of children who have been prescribed an EpiPen are advised to meet with Colleen before registering their child for the Lunch Bunch program. Space is limited, so please get your registration forms in as soon as possible!

PONY PORTRAITS AND PONY RIDES will be held on October 8th & 9th. (Please check your child’s class calendar for the specific date.) Feel free to dress your child in harvest colors/ Western gear—these photos make wonderful Christmas gifts for relatives…and the pony ride is a lot of fun! Please note: all children MUST have a signed permission form on file with the preschool office prior to their portrait/ pony ride. Thank you!

HOORAY FOR VOLUNTEERS! Please return your parent volunteer form to preschool in your child’s tote bag, or drop it by the preschool office. Events such as our annual “Wheel-A-Thon”, fundraisers and volunteer assistance with our morning car line require the talent and energy of all of the members of our preschool parent community. It is a great way to meet other parents, and provide a valuable service to your child’s preschool. Thank you in advance for your time---we are looking forward to working with you. 

TUITION PAYMENTS/LUNCH BUNCH PAYMENTS should be made out to “Mt. Pisgah Preschool”. Payments should be made by check, if at all possible. If you pay by cash, please get a receipt from the preschool office. Payments may be mailed or placed in the silver and black “preschool drop box” affixed to the wall next to the preschool office door. THE NEXT TUITION AND LUNCH BUNCH PRE-REGISTERED TUITION IS DUE ON OR BEFORE OCT. 1ST. Thereafter, payments will be due on the first of each month, ending with May 1st, 2019. You may write one check to cover both tuition and lunch bunch, but please denote on the “memo” line of the check what the amount covers.

THE DOORS TO THE PRESCHOOL BUILDING WILL BE LOCKED DURING PRESCHOOL HOURS (9:40 until 12:15). Please ring the bell located adjacent to the door of the main preschool entrance or the side entrance of the preschool building if you need to arrive before dismissal time. Thank you!

PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Our preschool has a limited partial scholarship program for families in need. Please stop by or call the preschool office if you would like to submit a request for a partial scholarship. Scholarship awards are made on a “needs” basis, and are determined based on information contained on the form. The deadline for submission of completed scholarship request forms is September 19th.

 Important Dates

9/10 First day of Preschool!

9/17 Lunch Bunch begins this week

9/17 & 9/18 Chapel begins this week

9/26 & 9/27 Music class begins this week

10/1 & 10/4 Firefighters visit

10/8 & 10/9 Pony Portraits

10/17 & 10/18 Speech Evaluations (optional, must be pre-registered)