Our Philosophy

Mt. Pisgah Preschool is a faith-based educational program of Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church that offers a Christian atmosphere for nurturing growth and development of children.

The preschool's objective is to help each child take the natural step from home to elementary school.  Class time includes a planned balance of guided play activities, creative art work, music and language experiences, group times, and outdoor play.

Our preschool is one which incorporates into its everyday curriculum the goodness of God and all He creates through active learning experiences.  Our program does not teach doctrine or denominational beliefs.  It teaches the love of God.



Our goal is to help preschoolers to become enthusiastic learners.  Teachers provide an environment where children can be active and creative in their explorations.  We encourage children to become more independent, self-confident, and progress at their own pace.  Our program focuses on spiritual, social, emotional, and cognitive growth and development.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program incorporates curriculum from:

  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Math Their Way
  • Phonemic Awareness